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Hacking a Waterfall Chart in PowerBI

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

PowerBI comes with a waterfall chart as a default visual which is very convenient to create. However it is not very flexible, as attested by some posts in the community

So how to create a fully customisable waterfall chart? Here, I am going to create several expressions that calculate the height of the "white space" (how high each block is) and then different ones for each coloured block. This means that I can adjust the colours depending on what I would like them to represent and we are not just limited to the "up/down/start/end" as offered by the default visual

Thanks to the new waterfall functions offered by Microsoft in DAX, it is now much easier to create the expressions such as cumulative totals which I need.

Calculations needed

The examples below work using a dataset based on a [Date] field (for the grouping) and [Sum of Amount] which is the measure field

Cumulative total & cumulative total from the previous step

This is so we can work out the invisible white space, which is the smaller amount of the two

Waterfall Cumulative = calculate([Sum of Amount], 
Waterfall Cumulative -1 = calculate([Sum of Amount], 
Waterfall White Space = min([Waterfall Cumulative -1],[Waterfall Cumulative])

Waterfall Blocks - positive, negative, and "special" colour

The coloured blocks that sit on top of the white space and appear to float.

The logic here is simply to separate out the blocks so I can assign different colours to them. If you do not need a different colour you can just set this as "Abs(<value>)"

Waterfall Block -ve = If(AND([Sum of Amount]<0,DATEDIFF(DATE(2023,5,6), Max(Sheet1[Date]) ,DAY)<>0),Abs([Sum of Amount]))
Waterfall Block +ve = if([Sum of Amount]>0 ,[Sum of Amount])
Waterfall Block Special = If(DATEDIFF(DATE(2023,5,6), Max(Sheet1[Date]) ,DAY)=0,Abs([Sum of Amount]))


Add the 3 blocks and whitespace to your stacked chart, and edit the colours making sure that the whitespace is white (of course)

And you now have a waterfall chart with some more customisation than is offered as default:

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